13 Interesting Facts About Gibraltar

And…it’s official! I want to go to Gibraltar! Who would like to fund my trip? Any takers?

The College Girl's Guide to Study Abroad

1. Gibraltar is a British territory, although it has been a point of contention with Spain since forever (and by forever I mean the early 1700s).

European politics made easy. European politics made easy.

2. The population of Gibraltar is about 30,000, so rumors spread quickly.

3. Most people in Gibraltar speak English, although members of the older generation are often bilingual in Spanish and speak a form “Spanglish” known as Llanito at home.

(yes... I stole this from Buzzfeed) Yes… I stole this from Buzzfeed. And yes, George Lopez is a proud Mexican American and not from Gibraltar. But do you know how hard it is to find Gibraltar memes?

4. Gibraltarians consider themselves to be culturally British, rather than culturally Spanish.


5. To American ears Gibraltarians sound more or less British.

6. A lot of people who work in the shops are actually from Spain.

7. Gibraltar is one of the richest countries in the world and has…

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