I’m sitting here, looking at the pictures my boyfriend just took of me doing two very basic yoga moves, and I’m contemplating two possible responses: 

1. Wash a red velvet cupcake down with a s’mores Frapp, while crying all over my floral-print Muu Muu.


2. Never eat again, subsisting on only air, while living the life of a hermit, relying on Amazon Prime to deliver anything I’ll ever need so as to never see the outside world until I don’t look like that in a picture. Ever. Again. 

I felt saying, “drive off a cliff” was too morbid. 

Actually, what I’m going to do is get a sugar-free Frapp and then scroll through Pinterest, looking for healthy food recipes, because THIS GIRL ain’t giving up. As mentioned in my previous post, I am beginning a journey to find my hidden, possibly natural, flexibility. I used to be lithe and fit (when I was 8). I think I can find that body again (I mean, I don’t want to look 8, just fit). I want to be able to contort myself in all sorts of amazing yoga positions. I think I can do this. No, I know I can do this. Furthermore, since posting the following super embarrassing photos of myself, and claiming I’ll be successful, it would be far too embarrassing to fail. I can’t fail. 

So, without further adieu, here are my level Negative 0 moves. Please don’t critique at this point. If I’m not doing something right, it’s because I can’t, or I simply don’t know how. I will learn. I will continue to post my progression via pictures and experiences as I learn more about yoga and my body. Wish me luck. 

Ugh, here we go. 


I thought I had a butt, but I guess I don’t. Also, I need to work on my concentration face, yikes. 

Author: fattymccupcakes

Just a thirty-something girl trying to love herself the way she is: fat, rolls, cellulite, and fabulousness.

8 thoughts on “Beginning ”

  1. Very courageous. How could I not follow your blog now. Either you’re going to be a source of inspiration or a flat out failure. I’m really hoping this story has a heroic ending. 😉


  2. I recently started doing the PIYO dvd program that I bought through Beachbody Fitness. I am not coordinated enough to do yoga or pilates in a group setting, but stumble through in my own home. There are a couple of moves I have had to have my sister check my form on to make sure I am even close to the right thing. Good luck with your adventure!


  3. I spent a solid 2/3 of the class on my belly when I started last March. All of the countless hours trying of trying find downward dog as a resting position is worth it. Completely worth it.


  4. OMG! I am completely in love with you! HA! You are fantastic and funny! This made me day and has challenged me to get off my *ss and DO something with this self. Love your blog.

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