Build Your Blog Bullshit?

Hiyo. I have been stumbling upon quite a few gimmicky blogs that promise blog success and all the riches the world can afford-Scrooge McDuck style. Anyone find success with these? One of the blogs I stumbled upon was a How-to-Get-Paid-to-Write-a-Travel-Blog type. The man writing it could barely string together a sentence, yet he professed to make 6 figures with his blog. He also says he has a book deal thanks to his uber successful blog. To finish off a paragraph trying to convince his readers, he said, “Don’t take my word for it”. Really. You mean to tell me, all of your promises mean nothing? Thanks for wasting the 5 minutes it took to read your drivel, dick. Are you actually saying I should not trust you? So, that steep fee to get your program could be a scam? Is that what you are trying to say?

Usually if someone says, “Don’t take my word for it”, it is usually followed by an explanation as to why you can’t just take their word for it. Usually one says, “Don’t just take my word for it”. Hence, why you must buy into some gimmick they are selling. So, all I can surmise is this “super successful” blogger, promising you don’t have to sell out, is trying to get you to sell out by wasting your hard-earned money on his shady shit.

I am also about ready to unfollow a blogger who is begging his readers for money to keep his blog afloat. Excuse me?

How have you found success with your blog? Have you bought into any of these “gimmicks”? If you did (I won’t judge-promise), did you find your blog improved? How does one not sell out in this world, yet get their work “out there” for all to see?

The struggle continues.

Author: fattymccupcakes

Just a thirty-something girl trying to love herself the way she is: fat, rolls, cellulite, and fabulousness.

15 thoughts on “Build Your Blog Bullshit?”

  1. Well said! and You’re exactly right Gary. “The struggle continues” … yes it does. Some of us have to work very hard building 1 follower at a time. It’s a bloody hard slog. Did I say “Well said”? I said it again…

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    1. It’s crazy! I mean, you are the kind of writer whom I can relate to. You are real and relatable. How does someone who isn’t even half relatable have tons of followers? I don’t get it!!!


      1. I just don’t know! Does he really have tons of followers?? How do they do it. I just find it hard yakka. But they say it takes about a year for your blog to take off. Some people have hundreds of followers in a few months. Oh well, some of us just have to put the hard yards in.

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      2. Someone commented on one of my blog posts a week or so back and said they have been blogging for a week and they have 150 followers. I call bullshit that you did that naturally. It definitely takes time for people to know you’re there and then want to follow. I don’t know. I’m glad we have each other!

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  2. (scratching head) I don’t fully get it, either. But my blog is top-secret to anyone who knows me personally…if I want to keep it that way, I can’t exactly share it with my Facebook or LinkedIn connections, ya know?

    While I started my blog to get the angry out of my head, it sure is nice to have followers. I admit I’m a bit of an attention whore – but a couple of likes feels very validating.

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    1. The first blog I wrote, I didn’t reveal my identity, but this go round I said, “screw it”, so everyone and their mother knows I write a blog. Still, even with all of my Facebook, I don’t have the amount of followers some people seem to attain somehow. I swear it’s a conspiracy!

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  3. Thank you, I think there are too many fake one’s out there telling people you can earn a living writing a blog.
    I’ve been blogging for just six months and someone asked me if I had earned anything out of it when I said no, she went and started her own blog.
    I assume this person thinks she can do better than me and earn something out of it.
    For me, the blog has become something I cherish and love doing because its all mine.
    And thank you again for liking and following me, where I come from
    People look confused when I say blog ( my mom didn’t even know what a blog was)

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      1. And thank you again☺. I enjoy reading your blog although you might just get annoyed with us if you ever stand behind us on line for icecream. 😊

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