We all know kids say the darnedest things. I mean, they made a show simply on the premise that some kid was guaranteed to say something genius. You also know kids say some pretty ridiculous things if you have a kid, have internet access, or you live on this planet. 

Not only do kids say some hilarious shit, they also write and draw some interesting things. The collection I have of laugh-out-loud worthy masterpieces is immense. 

What makes kids so funny is their blatant honesty about their observations, how seriously they take serious topics, and their innocence. It isn’t funny if a grown man draws a pair of DDD’s on a picture of their mom, but when a kid does it, they are just being accurate (or not…in that case, I can’t help you). Their honesty and innocence makes their art HILARIOUS. Hilarious. 

Let me just put this here for you:

You are free to come to your own conclusions about what you think this child drew. What I saw, what made me spew my mouthful of coffee all over my desk was, well, a TALLYWHACKER and some DINGLEBERRIES. I couldn’t even. 

These are apples on pants.

This child obviously thought apples on pants was a ridiculous notion and changed ‘pants’ to ‘plants’. That is a MUCH safer scenario. 

If you don’t find humor in these things, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry in your vodka, and no one wants that. 

Author: fattymccupcakes

Just a thirty-something girl trying to love herself the way she is: fat, rolls, cellulite, and fabulousness.

20 thoughts on “OH MY”

  1. Now, see, on that first one I saw a stake driven through the heart of a vajayjay. I assume those are supposed to be apples on pants? Why apples on pants? Couldn’t we all see the inherent problems with such a request?

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    1. LOL! Yes, that is a ridiculous request! Had I read through the entire packet purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers, I might have foreseen the inevitable confusion. I guess that’s why I get for trusting an otherwise trust worthy source! #teacherproblems 😂


      1. Oh, I assumed it was a pre-prepared, purchased, lesson. I’m just not at all certain what the person creating this lesson was thinking. Of those three sentences that was the poorest choice of one to have kids draw. When I read the instructions I could forsee…well…it’s not good. lol

        So much of what you do in the classroom is done with your hands tied. Not that it doesn’t make for some great humor! And, well, let’s face it. Only us adults see innuendo in any of that. #mindsinthegutter

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  2. Oh god!! This is too funny😂. I’m just wondering how many dads walk around the house without pants.😄
    On a serious note. How do you approach or teach kids who have difficulty in writing or reading? Not to a point where they can’t read or write at all but certain words. Worried about my third, makes a lot of mistakes on his writing. Grade 2
    Any info will be helpful.


    1. What kind of errors do they make? 3rd grade (in America-you’re probably ahead of us) is a big transition year where they are really reading to learn. They can read and decode, but comprehension is a tough piece. I teach at a school with a large ESL population, so reading and writing is a lot more challenging. One excellent strategy we use is to discuss our writing before we write it. Like, if you want them to tell you a complete sentence about why an elephant is a mammal, you would provide a sentence starter or frame (An elephant is a mammal because…) and then obviously they have the prior knowledge or the support of a pictorial or the like to finish the sentence. If they can say their sentence, they can write it.


      1. Third grade subjects
        Apart from English, maths , there is geography, science,history, religion, French,
        Tamil and Sinhalease(languages spoken here)
        Scores higher than 80%for maths but writing any type of sentence, I find simple mistakes in them, compared to the other one’s at his age which is why, I’m trying to find resources that would help him, not found any here but on the look. do you have kids who you find a bit back when it comes to writing and spellings? If then do you use any strategies for them to remember words. I hope its ok of me to ask such questions, I’m just reading a lot and asking so I could help him ease a little bit of his worry. its ok if you’re busy too busy to find out as I’m just trying to find aome resources that would help him and thanks again.


  3. Lol, quite the Michelangelo. Some good attention to detail. I shudder to think what would have happened if you’d actually given the “P” packet 🙂

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