Fatty Fo’ Life 

Fatty McCupcakes here (well, no shit. Who’d I think you would think it would be? Freaking Richard Simmons? Come to think of it, a guest spot by Richard Simmons would be absolutely fanastic.


Well, that was weird. 

I guess I’ll get to the point. For the past couple months I’ve been hiding behind the guise of Fatty McCupcakes. I’ve literally been living my tag line-I’ve been busily eating my way through all the baked foods I can find. It’s been delicious, but too much of a good thing gives you cankles. 

I can’t do this to my body anymore. 

Gone are the days when I could eat half a large pizza, a whole coop full of chicken wings, and steak-cut fries, dripping in ranch , and bounce back after eating a salad for lunch, for a week. 


Now, if I overindulge, I feel like a freight train hit me the morning after, and if I could, I’d attach myself to a Pepto IV. And, a continuous stream of calming pink bismuth would only make me feel half human. 

I’ve been worried, lately, that if I stopped living the fatty life, Fatty McCupcakes would be gone. There’s no use for that kind of alter ego when your life revolves around kale salad and yoga. How can I be Fatty McCupcakes AND not slowly kill myself one delicious bite of cupcake after another? 

In all seriousness, if I don’t emerge from winter break with diabetes, I’ll be damn impressed. 

I have problems with food, guys, if you didn’t already guess that. Gee, what gave me away? 

I don’t see why I can’t be Fatty McCupcakes AND get healthy, because the real meaning behind Fatty is that I aim to decriminalize the word ‘fat’. Yes, you’re practically a criminal when you’re fat. It’s also a “bad word”. Worse than ‘fuck’. 

This fatty be like, “Fuck that.” 

No matter how thin, fat, attractive, ugly, or willing to be flexible to the changing whims of society you are, you will never be enough something to someone, somewhere. 

And, why is it anyone’s aim to be enough for anyone other than themselves? 

I am loving the blog, When I Thought I was Fat, because there’s so much truth contained there. How many times have you looked, fondly, back on a time when you thought you were fat, but you would, maybe, give up bacon to go back to that body? Because you weren’t fat?! 

So, what is fat? Who defines whether or not you’re fat? Who says the way you are isn’t good enough? No one should have that kind of control over your perception of self, but you. 

Back “when I thought I was fat”, I went out, in a rather…creative outfit, to attend a superhero beer crawl. This was probably 40 pounds ago. I felt sexy, powerful, ready to take on the villains in my leather, fish nets, and cape (don’t ask). I felt great until some drunk creep, who was probably just growing pubes, called me, “Super Thighs”. Secretly I was just relieved he didn’t call me, “Super Double Chin” or “Mighty Double Belly”. Still, after that comment, I didn’t feel much like taking on the world that night.

Why did I let someone like that have control over my emotions and perception of myself? Why, after more than 4 years, I remember that comment? 

Who cares if I have large thighs? “More strength to crush your head like a pimple, you assknuckle!” is what I should have said to him (thanks, Stephanie).

There’s also this: 


Can We Stop Talking About the Thigh Gap Already?
I’m going to continue being Fatty McCupcakes, because there’s nothing wrong with being who I am, in all my voluptuous glory, while I work to better myself. Let’s make the word ‘Fatty’ a positive word like, ‘yum’, ‘love’, or ‘cheese’. I mean, it only makes sense. 

Here’s to a healthy 2016, filled with fitness, lettuce, and the ocassional cupcake (there’s no way in food hell I’ll completely deprive myself)! 

Fatty Fo’ Life 


Author: fattymccupcakes

Just a thirty-something girl trying to love herself the way she is: fat, rolls, cellulite, and fabulousness.

37 thoughts on “Fatty Fo’ Life ”

  1. good on you for trying to break the stigma around the word “fat”! It’s one of the reasons why I settled on my blog name as well! Good luck in trying to keep a healthier life style in the upcoming year. It’s definitely one thing that I am needed to do as well haha. Although I wouldn’t mind having a thigh gap – I lose so many great jeans by not having one 😦

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      1. Hunh, that’s weird. I can see the YouTube box just fine on your page right now. In fact, I just played it.

        Well, it’s titled “Whose Line Is It Anyway – Richard Simmons CLOSED CAPTIONED” on YouTube. A search will probably get you there–just don’t be drinking anything when you do because you’re gonna do a spit take.

        Happy New Year!

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  2. So I am reading this and I am hell yeahing all over the place and I see a shout out to my page! I am super honored 🙂 As for the post there is so much realness in this. “No matter how thin, fat, attractive, ugly, or willing to be flexible to the changing whims of society you are, you will never be enough something to someone, somewhere.” No one is ever going to be good enough for everyone. It is numerically impossible and that is okay! As long as we surround ourselves with people who love and respect us as we are and as long as we love and respect ourselves the world will still go round no matter our size! As far as the whole can you still be you while still wanting to be healthier. Hell yeah you can! I know there is a thin line here. A crossroad of some sort. I for one believe we can still love ourselves while working towards improving our overall health if that is something we chose to do. I don’t believe in exclusivity. I think we need to break down all walls. I’m a dreamer!

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    1. You are well deserving of a shout out! It was my pleasure! You are so, so right that we can and should be happy with who we are, while working on being our best self. It does help if we surround ourselves with positive people. It’s actually crucial!!

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  3. OK first of all lettuce is gross. haha But seriously, and sadly, there is no magic number that makes the feeling go away. Or, if there is, I haven’t hit it yet….

    Sigh. Every day is another chance to start over….

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    1. Or, beautiful one, you are perfect just the way you are right now. In this exact moment, you are enough. And, yes, lettuce sucks ass. I hate lettuce. That is, unless it’s smothered with bacon bits, croutons, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, baby corn, olives, and a gallon of ranch dressing. Mmmmmmm

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      1. Hahahahahaha I don’t usually go sappy, but dammit, life is too short not to be happy with yourself right now. Sorry if you’ve now vomited all over your (phone/tablet/keyboard). Funny how I write a post about eating lettuce and then I went and did the exact opposite. Never learns, this one 🖐

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  4. There were a few times in this post when I wanted to pump my fist and yell, “YES!” This past week-and-a-half, I’ve had many a moment where I felt the meat-and-candy-sweats. So much food. So delicious. And yeah, there were times when I looked at myself and was like, “what happened to the chubbers me I used to think was fat?” I have vowed recently to not look back and lament what I used to be and rather, be comfortable with who I am and enjoy the me I am in the moment. Good luck to us all in that endeavor.

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    1. Isn’t it like a slap in the face when we look back at our “fat” selves and find we weren’t even what we thought we were? That’s why I’m vowing to be happy right now, waddle and all. We will need some methinks! We can support each other ☺️


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