The Horror
I haven’t worn a bra for roughly 90% of the last 3 weeks. 

I’ve been able to use the restroom whenever the need presented itself.

I haven’t taken my yoga pants off for precisely 21 days. 

I have zero paper cuts. 

I’ve had no real reason to drink, other than, well…

I’ve only answered one question: “Would you like to apply for a Target RedCard?” 

I don’t even know what the date is. 

You can imagine my horror when, as I came up for air from my cereal bowl, I had discovered 3 glorious weeks of no school had passed by in a flash.  

Well, I suppose I better unearth myself from my snack-laden, alcohol-induced hibernation, because it’s back to school I go. 

Also, I better figure out what day it is, practice writing the new year, and open up my lesson plan book, because I have a student teacher starting with me tomorrow. We don’t want to show her the ugly side just yet. 

Here’s to all my fellow educators out there, drinking away their sorrows tonight over winter break being over. 

Good luck, and may God be with you tomorrow. 

Author: fattymccupcakes

Just a thirty-something girl trying to love herself the way she is: fat, rolls, cellulite, and fabulousness.

40 thoughts on “The Horror”

  1. Have fun back at school!! But speaking from experience and as someone who is relatively fresh out of teacher’s college: show your student teacher the ugly side!!! She needs to see it, and best to see it in a learning environment with support there to help you through it!

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