5 Ways I’m Killin’ It As A Grad Student Teacher

I’m losing it, dudes. I don’t know if “doing it all” is quite my speed. I’m usually more sloth-like motivated when it comes to being busy. The idea of being highly occupied with more than one really important thing sounds like something that might come with rewards, but I usually regard those kinds of notions with a wary-eye-sneaking-around-my-bag-of-Cheetos-caution/disdain. What was I thinking believing I could do this. IΒ don’t know if I can teacher AND student.

Following is how awesome I’m playing the part of Grad Student Teacher.

1. I failed my first paper, because, apparently, APA format expectations are pretty particular. Who knew people cared about spaces and margins so damn much.

2. I forgot to wear deodorant twice this week. Twice. I assumed it was my students’ stinky feet or their eau de P.E., but no. It.was.me.Β 

3. I couldn’t, for the life of me, recall how to spell the word, ‘expiration’ during guided reading. My students kept saying that and not the correct word, ‘expedition’. I had a great discussion planned to compare the two, but then came my epic brain toot. Because, being the teacher-who-has-no-clue wasn’t enough, the area superintendent, visiting principals, and the vice principal were there to witness, and take notes on, my utter ineptness. I.can’t.even.

4. I wore my only-if-I-run-out-of-the-good-stuff-mascara on accident and looked like Amy Winehouse after a 3-day bender for most of the day.

5. I failed to read the weekly emails from my principal, and somehow missed all of the millions of student-made, misspelled signs, hanging up all over the school advertising school spirit week. My students had no clue it was sports day this past Monday. I’m.the.worst.teacher.ever.

Fucking help.Β 

Author: fattymccupcakes

Just a thirty-something girl trying to love herself the way she is: fat, rolls, cellulite, and fabulousness.

26 thoughts on “5 Ways I’m Killin’ It As A Grad Student Teacher”

  1. You’re not failing. That’s just teaching. It’s overwhelming, demanding, excruciatingly hard … and somehow rewarding.
    Keep perfume in your handbag. I say perfume, because some people are actually allergic to deodorant (or it can cause asthma attacks). If you have a small thing of perfume, it makes it quick and easy to spray yourself at any time. Who cares if you forgot deodorant because you were so busy trying to get out the door? Perfume’s there to back you up.
    Theory isn’t everything. As long as you end up passing all your courses (and no one gives a shit, no matter what they say, after you graduate and get a job about how well you did) what matters is how well you teach. I wasn’t an honour-roll student at uni; but I had friends that were. When it came to prac, I aced it. Seriously. Every time. Two honour students I knew (in my own friendship group) changed courses because teaching was too hard.
    If you have projectors, or even better, interactive whiteboards or something of the sort, make sure everything is pre-written. It’ll save you a lot of time and give you the opportunity to walk around the classroom. It’ll make you calmer, give you a chance to collect your thoughts and focus. Also, turn spelling mistakes into a game. Pretend they’re on purpose. The kid that finds them AND knows the correct spelling gets a sticker. Or a lolly. Or whatever.
    No one cares about your make up. Half the time mine looks like crap and someone always says it looks good. Kids are delusional.
    The rest isn’t too important – who cares about spelling mistakes? Everyone laughs and makes jokes. But always read emails. The most important things can come via emails. If you can log in at home, do so. If you need to come in slightly earlier to get through your emails and extra work, do so. Seriously. This is my sixth year of teaching, and emails are still everything.

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    1. Thank you so much for the response, lady! This is my 3rd year teaching and last year I ROCKED it! Trying to teach AND take masters courses is proving difficult! I totally keep an extra deodorant in my desk, but perfume is a great idea!! I’ve pretty much perfected my “work smarter, not harder” game, but my head is elsewhere most days 😩 I totally get your point that honor roll students don’t always make it in the real world. So true, at times!

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      1. No problems! I hoped it helped. I think each year depends on what classes, year levels and subjects you’re given. There have been years I’ve “rocked it” and years I haven’t. I’ve been sick for a while, and soon I’m starting a counselling degree, so I expect my teaching isn’t going to be what it once was. It hasn’t been, really, since falling ill. However, my school has seriously taken that into consideration, and it’s working well so far!
        I think it’s awesome you’re doing a Master’s! I hope to be doing that next year, if my health can cope! Teaching is so hard. I think you’re doing a fantastic job. Keep it up!

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      2. No, but close! Brisbane, Australia – so probably pretty similar to the UK system. I want to move to London, too! I would give anything to move there! I went last year, and it was amazing!
        Thank you. No, it wasn’t from teaching stress – but unfortunately, stress makes my condition worse, so teaching is not an ideal job. However, what really is!? I think (that being said) teaching DID make it worse (because I continued for so long after, I ended up burning out).

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      3. Australia! How cool! I was only thousands of miles off!! πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚ I know, I’ve had London on my mind since my visit 😍. I hope you recover and can do what you love without the added stress of illness!

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