Flashback Frightday

Yesterday, I shared some old pictures of when I went to Washington D.C. in the 8th grade with my students. Among the images of famous landmarks and monuments, were a couple pictures of me. I was not prepared for their responses to my awkward 13-year-old self. I mean, I knew I had some serious Mom jean action going on, but damn, kids can be brutally…honest. 

Some of their responses/reactions:

1. Open-mouthed shock 

2. “Why are your jeans so tight at the bottom, but baggy?”

3. Snickering 

4. Why is your hair so pouffy? 

5. Which one is you? 

6. “Your face isn’t red like that anymore. Good job, Ms. P.!”

7. Why are you matching? 

8. Whispering

9. “Why do your eyebrows look so different?”

10. “Are you missing teeth?”

Jerks. Wow. Payback will be in the form of zit-covered-too-big-for-their-face-teeth-adolescence. Don’t say you weren’t warned, little darlings. 

Is it really that bad? Yeah, yeah it is. Woof.

Author: fattymccupcakes

Just a thirty-something girl trying to love herself the way she is: fat, rolls, cellulite, and fabulousness.

28 thoughts on “Flashback Frightday”

  1. Ah youth… The thing is we actually were trendy! There was a time when I thought huge shoulder pads and permed hair that made me look like I’d stuck my finger in a socket were cool. Those kids will realize one day that fashions come and go but, alas, being judged never goes out of style…

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  2. Meanwhile, no one bothered to comment on the shady guy in the background, who is clearly up to no good, since he appears to be wearing a Members Only jacket and everyone knows those guys couldn’t be trusted…

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  3. Just bide your time. They don’t even know what the mullet of their teenage years will be yet. They will rue the day they mocked your 13 year old fashion trapped in amber like the Jurassic Park dinosaurs.
    That said, β€œWhy are your jeans so tight at the bottom, but baggy?” is pretty funny.

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  4. Why am I not smiling?! I am not a “crabby pants,” maybe I thought it was a place you didn’t smile? Also, please warn me next time you decide to put up pictures like this! I liked “which one is you?” The best.

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  5. Now I am sad. I did not own that USA sweatshirt. (My father would have had a fit if we bought designer anything–paying for marketing being a mortal sin, I believe.) Insert frowned face here.

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