Decisions-Not My Forte

Happy Friday Eve, beautiful people.

This past Monday I was offered a teaching position at a school in Surrey. Surrey in freaking ENGLAND.

I can’t even put into words how I felt, but I can say, it was a mix of insane excitement and utter fear.

The rest of this week I have been a mess of decision-making-crazy.

Most of you are probably wondering what decision I even have to make. HELLO? ENGLAND?

Well, after several email correspondences, I have been given my final salary offer, and well…

I am disappointed to say the least.

I had wrongly assumed that the cost of living would be pretty relative to here in the U.S. and that is just plain not the case. The cost of flats in Southern England is astronomical. I mean, twice the cost of apartments in my area. For me, paying half of the rent, the costs I am looking at are more than three times what I am currently paying.

This wouldn’t be too horrible except for the fact that I will be taking a $3000 pay cut. What is absolutely insane is that the salary they offered me was incredibly generous and a HUGE step up from what I am currently making, but with the high tax amount taken out, I will be paid significantly less.

I don’t even know what to say.

I will have to some more crunching of numbers, but so far, it isn’t looking good.

Because I am someone who thinks with their heart and far too often I am idealistic in how I view the world, I had assumed that I could move to a different country, do the same work I do here, and it would work swimmingly. Well, that is not the real world. Not even close.

Not only am I a heart-thinker, I am also one who has a lot of debt and minimal savings.

Just to get my fat ass and my few possessions across the pond it will cost a fortune. And I am a broke as a joke teacher.

It isn’t over yet, I may be able to figure something out (like, maybe I can sell a kidney).

So, now I ask you all, what would you do? Would you go into further debt to move to another country? Would you be OK with being seriously broke just to experience another culture? Would you live well under your normal comfort zone in order to experience a serious adventure?

I need opinions and maybe some moral support. Something. Anything.




Author: fattymccupcakes

Just a thirty-something girl trying to love herself the way she is: fat, rolls, cellulite, and fabulousness.

26 thoughts on “Decisions-Not My Forte”

  1. First CONGRATS on the job offer! That is huge in and of itself even if you don’t take it. The idea of adventure is so appealing but I am so afraid of that! It is a brave step and you have to consider what you will be comfortable with. Is there room for advancement? Is this temporary? Is the salary negotiable? I would think they would pay you enough based on cost of living but I know they sure as heck don’t do that here in NYC. It could be a fun time though if it was just temp.

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    1. Thanks, friend! It’s very, very scary to take that step! The salary they offered is actually as high as they are able to go at this time. I don’t know how teachers live over there! I don’t know how people live in NYC either!

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  2. I am amazed at how far you have gotten in such a short time in making your dream a realization. You are so resourceful that my bet is on you if you take the position that you will have no regrets.

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  3. Life is very much more expensive in the UK, especially in the south of England. Have you considered another area, perhaps in the north or Scotland? We moved to Cairo for a few years in our 40’s so that we could get a 60% uplift in salary. We certainly experienced a cultural difference, a war and a third world country. No regrets, though (and we still have no debt or mortgage).
    Final note – we just eat out less, have less stuff and never use a dry-cleaner in the UK. 🙂

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    1. I am kicking myself that I didn’t consider the north. I would love to be in Scotland, but I’m only qualified to teach in England and would need to start the process to be approved in Scotland. It’s getting down to the wire at this point.

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      1. Do whatever your gut tells you to do. The reality is that life is too short to worry about money – we saw that all too clearly in Egypt. The kudos on your CV and the life experience might be worth dollars in the future?

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  4. CONGRATULATIONS on getting a job offer!! Now some S. Korean advice again!! Haha each time I move here I go deeper into debt. But the way my contract is here I get to save a lot of money to send home to my student loans (which are so big omg). This time I had planned for what I imaged would be my not getting paid period, but it turned into SEVEN WEEKS before I got a pay check. Plus all the start up costs that I didn’t have the last time I moved. It was a shock. Especially since I hadn’t worked for 4 months before moving here. I used up all my savings and maxed out my two credit cards that I had been so good at paying down over the last year. It sucked. But it was worth it for me (even though now I am regretting it but that’s another story haha) I have to agree with people who say follow your gut. If this is your passion, maybe you just take the plunge? Or look at other areas which might be cheaper to live in haha

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      1. I kind of feel the exact same way about my debt!! But I’m slowly chipping away at it (I had a huge chunk paid off on one credit card but used it all up again to buy my vacation plane tickets home…)

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  5. Why did I think you already were from England? That’s my geographical myopia. (Great name for a Math Rock band if you shorten it to GeoMyo.)
    When you say, “with the high tax amount taken out, I will be paid significantly less,” does that include the amount that you are currently having taken out of your paycheck now for things that are taken care of by taxes there? For example, health care costs? The amount taken out of my paycheck for healthcare, including the amount I have to payback for a brief hospital stay are shocking and I’d be willing to amputate a three fingers and all of my toes if it meant not having to deal with medical nonsense (nobody thinks it will happen to them, but seriously, check what you’re paying for insurance). Also, is there sales tax? What about the federal combined with the state and local tax currently versus this amazing new experience you could have if you just stopped second guessing yourself? Debt be damned, the time you would spend, the connections you’d make, the damn experience you’d have is worth–in my opinion–more than any prolonged debt-free mundanity you would endure instead.
    If it gets to be too much, you could always call it off and move back.

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    1. You already thought I was from England?! Haha. That’s funny! I don’t pay for healthcare. It’s employer paid. Except for $25 copays, (well, unless I have a procedure), I don’t pay anything…I know it seems to many that I’m second guessing myself, but I’ll have around $300 after rent and bills. That $300 will have to cover food, transportation, saving, spending, etc. I don’t know…seems pretty sketchy.


      1. Well, now I can’t believe you don’t have to pay for health care. My work says they do, but when I look, I have to pay for a shocking amount. I’m sure you’ve thought of all this, but there are ways to supplement your income: roommates, Uber, selling various sundries to Japanese businessmen, Air BnB, allowing an athlete to get you pregnant. I don’t know, all I know is that if this opportunity came along, I’d want to fight to make it a reality rather than acquiesce to the fiscal shortcomings. Of course you’re taking into account all of the variables more than I and you will make the best decision for yourself. All I’m doing is looking at the ideal. Good luck to you in working this out.

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  6. Whatever you do has to (obviously) be right for you. I put things off for years due to financial implications and I am disappointed today to say the least. I think if you have a dream you have to try to realise it and follow it and usually things fall into place. If not then hey, you did it, it didn’t work (unlikely) and you can simply go home again. Many other people manage here and manage quite nicely so don’t give up yet….

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    1. I’d be interested to know how single teachers make a living there. Do they live alone or in house shares? Do they have close to $400 a month student loan debt? I get the “just jump” mentality, but I also realize that I can easily go hugely into debt with this venture. Sure, memories are worth more than debt, but debt keeps me up at night, worrying. I don’t know. How I’ve calculated it, I won’t even have money left over to save or travel. One of the big reasons I’d want to go, is to travel…

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      1. To be honest I really have no ideas on that score. The ones around this area that I know tend to live in the part own part rent homes set up for people who are known as Keyworkers. As for salaries etc, I really have no idea…. Sorry I can’t be more help Katie.

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  7. My vote would be on going. It’s definitely going to be a tough couple of months to get into a working system…but you have been dreaming of this for so long that I feel you deserve to dip your toes in at least. You may end up working out ways to save up more if you keep looking. You will have an awesome adventure. And if the water isn’t too friendly you could always find a new dream to pursue. Good luck.

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  8. What is your biggest regret in life right now?

    Because right now you have a choice. It can be THAT, or you can replace that one with “didn’t go to England when I had the chance.”

    I don’t see how you’d regret going. Debt sucks, sure. But regret isn’t what I’m thinking you’ll get from this.

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    1. My biggest regret right now is racking up the debt, specifically by way of private student loans. This will not be the only opportunity for teaching I’ll get. I’ve been told by many that there will always be a need for teachers there. What is killing me the most is the $3000-$4000 it will cost to move and get settled over there. Also, my choices for places to live are not what you think when you think quintessential England. It’s by the airport and it looks like any lower income suburban area in the states…


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