Flashback Friday-Nostalgia and Longing

Ya’ll, I wish, from the very depths of my soul, that I could be a travel blogger. Why hasn’t someone super rich and stupid with their money hired me to travel and write up hilarious travel snafus? Why?

Not only do I long to travel more, I wish to go back to where I left my bleeding heart-London Town.

I went on my last, serious trip seven years ago. Seven.years.ago. 

This is unacceptable. 

Seven years ago was the last time I was in England, and a little bit of my soul dies every day more. My ultimate fear in this life is never getting a chance to get back there again. 

As I type (tap on my asshole phone that still thinks, after all this time, that I mean “duck”), my heart is literally aching and my stomach is in knots. 

It feels like homesickness. 

I miss where my heart belongs. 

Ya know?

#fbf to when I was living it up in London (This is also a flashback to when I thought I was fat-I wish I could be that fat again). 

I had some super sweet photography skills seven years ago. I’m glad I was able to travel all the way to England to capture this dude’s chops so well. 


Those T-Rex arms, though.

Fucking Nandos. Dammit, I miss you.

I had just eaten a hot crossed bun. Baked goods create a certain glow about me.

Impossibly quaint.

I can still feel that cool, curry-scented breeze (it was a nice change of scent from the hotel room’s eau de funk). 
Le sigh 

Author: fattymccupcakes

Just a thirty-something girl trying to love herself the way she is: fat, rolls, cellulite, and fabulousness.

22 thoughts on “Flashback Friday-Nostalgia and Longing”

  1. I live only a few hours away from London and I’ve visited countless times in the past year, but I still see it with the eyes of a tourist. Such a beautiful, lively city… I truly hope you get to visit soon!

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  2. I’d love to go back to London too, but I’m particularly homesick for Stockholm… that’s even more unacceptable at it being 15 years ago that I last was there! I was supposed to go back for a visit this year, but our savings took a huge hit when we suddenly had to move back to the US… siiiiiiggggghhhh

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  3. I keep trying to figure out how to get someone to pay for my travel AND still pay my student loans… Dublin is where I feel home, but London is only .001% away!! I adore London, and I could happily wander down Regent St to my heart’s content and run through Kensington Gardens and stop at Fortnum. I haven’t been since 2015 and I thought that was too long- you have to go back!!!!

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