WTF Wednesday #3

For this installment of WTFW, I’m coming at you with a rant. Brace yourselves, people. It’s gonna be a doozy.
I don’t even care how lame this rant makes me seem. So, I’ll just come out and say it: WTF is so hard about hitting “like”? 

Now, if you literally don’t like a post/page/status update, if you’re offended by it, if it displeases you, then, by all means, keep scrolling. 

But, what could possibly be offensive or displeasing about a Michael Scott meme? Or, a humorous and relatable tale of woe? Or, my EFFING FB BLOG PAGE? 

I have almost 400 Facebook friends. I have 180 some likes on my Fatty McCupcakes page and the majority of those likes are from the good people of WordPress. 

I just can’t even anymore. 

This is why I think it’s just plain salty to not have “liked” my blog page when you’re a personal friend of mine:

1. What happened to supporting your friends in their personal interests and ventures?

2. I’m not overly offensive. 99% of the time I’m making fun of myself, people.

3. Hitting “like” takes you, literally, a fucking nanosecond.

4. I rarely even post on my page, so you wouldn’t be inundated with crap daily. Only recently have I been actively publishing post updates.

5. Whether you like it or not, social media is how the majority of the world communicates. Thus, not liking my blog page after I’ve politely invited you is like ignoring me when I wave at you on the street. I think it’s rude. 

6. Don’t even try to lie and say you’re busy and it slipped your mind. I know you’re laying on your couch, binge watching Japanese panda videos on Facebook. Don’t even give me the “I’m busy and too important” speech. 

Now, I would understand if the majority of the topics I posted was on the furry fandom, or my blog was called The Freed Nipple and The Unleashed Vagina, but NOPE. And, nope. 

So, why the lack of support? 

Maybe if those 350 friends knew how much it would mean to me for them to take 20 seconds out of their life to show support in the form of pressing down on (while not even needing to look) a square millimeter space on their phone, while they watch Gilmore Girls reruns, it’d be different. 

But, I’m not about to act like I need the likes. 

It’s just the damn principle of the matter. 

Like Karl Pilkington, I have a lot of important things to say. You’re missing out when you don’t hit “like”.

On the same topic, has anyone else noticed that you are now able to see how many people saw your post on Facebook? 

I’m part of a mom group (don’t even ask how that came to be) and the moms post hilarious memes and real life experiences that always make my ovaries shrivel up on the spot (I have magical, regenerating ovaries). Many times, these harried moms, just looking for recognition, get a dismal five likes when 85 people viewed their post.

You already saw it. You viewed it. YOU LOOKED. 

You seriously can’t hit “like” and THEN be on your merry way?!

Why is this even bothering me? 


My eye is twitching and I can feel the blood pulsing in my temples. 

I think I’ll go now, before I have an aneurism. 

What annoys you about the world of social media and blogging? Rant away in the comments. I promise I won’t just glance at your comment, without responding, before I continue my ΓΌber important creeping of random people’s Facebook pages. 

Author: fattymccupcakes

Just a thirty-something girl trying to love herself the way she is: fat, rolls, cellulite, and fabulousness.

74 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday #3”

  1. When people ask question on a TIwtter chat, you answer to them and they don’t even bother to reply back… -_- Or people who follow you and then immediately unfollow you. Grrr! πŸ˜‰

    By the way… Where can I find you on Facebook/Twitter/Etc.?

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    1. LOL!! Haha! Don’t get me wrong, my super close friends for the most part are amazing supporters. Same with quite a few family members, but it’s the rest!! Why you no like?!?!? 😜😜😜


      1. Yeah – kinda makes you wonder why all those memes and stupid posts go. Meanwhile ours, with our hearts and souls poured into them get a mere droplet…. no accounting for it. Ah well, onward and upward.

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    1. Right?! That’s exactly what it is-a lack of common decency! They don’t think twice about “liking” a 20 second clip of a dog dragging its asshole across the carpet, but actually supporting a friend? *gasp* Too much work!

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  2. Good morning! I liked and commented! I know what you mean though. I have a Facebook author page and more strangers from the internet like it than my real life “friends.” Same thing with my blog. Who knows though? Maybe we’re inadvertently slighting them in some way we’re not aware of. Don’t worry about your IRL peeps, you have us!

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  3. I need to invest time into my Hot Mess Memoir Page. I wish it was like Twitter where once I post something on my blog it can go right to my FB page but the problem is that it is posted on my personal page and given my “tone” (ahem) I’m afraid many relatives/friends wouldn’t like it. Hell, 98% of my family & friends have no idea I have a blog & I intend to keep it that way. I know what you mean about not liking stuff if it’s funny. I focus the majority of my social media time on Twitter than Instagram than Facebook.

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    1. Yup! I’ve been investing more on Twitter lately. I’ve stopped posting my blog link on my personal page. I post it on my FB blog page, and if anyone wants to see what I’m posting, they can go there. I’m over it. Don’t get me wrong, most of my close friends support the hell out of me. It’s the other 350 that have me going cray 😬😜

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      1. Totally get it. It just pisses me off when someone follows me on Twitter just so I’ll follow them and if I don’t, they unfollow me and if I do follow them they unfollow me, days later. So to be an ass hole I have that status brew app so I can see that they unfollowed me and I unfollow them. I don’t play games.

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      2. UGH! Yup. Those people are just trying to get followers. So annoying. The world of social media is a really tricky one. I downloaded that app, but I haven’t had time to play around with it. I’m hoping this weekend!

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  4. I am not as active on Facebook as I am on WordPress. Maybe I should try and see my numbers on there. I do have a feeling it will probably be the same. Weird.

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  5. Oh man, do I know how this feels. You want to get ignored by family and friends? Write a book. I announced that I’m starting a street team for people to join. One of the benefits is getting my novels for free in exchange for a review and a couple of sharing posts on their feeds to help me. Not a single one of my 520 friends and family joined. I had the usual supporters join, a few best friends. But that was BEFORE this particular “Read my stuff for FREE” post. No one joined after the post. Yeah, I felt loved. LOL. One thing I’ve learned is you get more support from strangers than from people you know.

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      1. Amazing, isn’t it? Reviews, release party RSVP, and now this street team. It’s not like I expect them all to just drop everything going on in their lives, or read them all. I know I have my own tastes and not everyone likes historical romance. But I’ve seen people gush over books from complete strangers (in my genre). Uh, hello!?!?! LOL. Oh well. At least there are people who enjoy them, even if I don’t them. πŸ™‚

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      2. Honestly, it shouldn’t have to matter what their preferences are. If they are friends with you, they should support you when possible. This could be done without ever having read your books. It’s about showing an interest and helping you garner a following by liking and sharing. These acts take less than a minute. It makes me mad 😑.


      1. Weird. It’s Weird wtf Wednesday! It said “<β€”Hits like on this. Opens facebook in another tab. Hits like on some random post on Fatty McCupcakes page. Runs away. πŸ˜‰"

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  6. There are really too many things about FB that bug me, which is why I rarely log in to my “regular” account and instead use a sock to keep up with groups. Related to blogging, not with this blog but on my research-based one, it always stung that my IRL friends and family never bothered to go to the site much and when I’d post on its FB page those same people were the ones who couldn’t even spare a “like” here and there.

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  7. I have less than 30 Facebook likes on my page, and that’s after inviting people to actually like my page. Given how many real estate/investor/party sales pages I’ve like, it sucks. But I’ve just started unfollowing now- if you are going to actively try and sell me something and ignore me, I’m out. (I literally have never sold a single thing through my blog, no sponsorship/commission/ads…) People are thoughtless and don’t care, so I’m not going to spend the time cultivating it anymore, sadly

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    1. That’s a really, really good point! I’ve liked SO many pages that belong to a friend who owns a business or is trying to sell something, but they can’t return the favor by liking my page that literally asks for NOTHING. So lame.

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  8. OMG, get out of my brain! I was just ranting to hubby about this very thing yesterday. Promise you won’t tell anyone? Okay, I’ll dish – I don’t even bother with my FB author page anymore, so I share everything through my personal profile. There’s a certain post I do every week that I practically *beg* everyone, “Hey, if you like this, PLEASE SHARE IT EVERYWHERE YOU CAN THINK OF PLEASE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF CHOCOLATE AND VODKA PLEASE” (maybe not those exact words, but still, the intent is there). I’m lucky if three people share it. Recently, I shared a random picture I found in my newsfeed of Groot and Rocket – people came out of the woodwork and reposted it! Even a few I knew in high school, who I’d forgotten were FB friends, SHARED THE HELL OUT OF IT! What the absolute what!?!?!?!?!

    *deep breath*

    Thanks. I feel better now. πŸ˜€

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  9. Ha ha, I LOVE this and can so relate!! I shared a motivational video (that’s my thang!) on my FB page the other day which was viewed by…wait for it…1,467 people!! How many likes did it get…wait for it…5! WTF! It’s motivational for god sake – BE inspired!! Loved your rant x

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  10. Seriously though. If you add me to 400 LuLaRoe groups where I get notifications every time a distributor changes the name of the shop (which is every 30 seconds, if you’re wondering) the least you can do is “like” a funny video of goats in Pajamas I just posted. I haven’t asked any friends or family to join a Facebook page for my blog yet so I can’t relate to that part. I’m really crazy about keeping my IRL friends and family separate from my online ones. Not sure why, lol.

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    1. OMG, girl! Yes!! I have been added to a freaking billion LuLaRoe groups, and YES, they change their damn names everyday. I’m always kinda excited when I see 16 notifications, but they’re ALL freaking LuLaRoe group notifications!!!

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  11. You know what your problem is? Expecting people to actually give a shit about someone other than themselves. (Okay, I’m half kidding. And super pessimistic. Shh) I don’t have FB so I can’t relate to your specific situation but I LOVE your rants. The fact that you invited them to ‘like’ your page and they didn’t, makes them all seem like assholes. 97% of the people that I meet here in the ‘blogosphere’ (I hate that word) are more interesting/funnier/cooler/kinder than the people I know in real life. It’s crazy how it works.

    Also, Japanese panda videos – are those a thing? I must watch this lol.

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    1. Right? Super wrong in assuming people will be interested in anyone but themselves. Lame. I agree that almost all of the people in the blog world are amazing, supportive people! I do have some amazing friends and family who read my blog religiously. However, I also have a lot who do not and that still bothers me. I always catch those panda videos on Facebook!!! I’m sure you could just find them on YouTube, though 😜


  12. I can’t think of too many social media pet peeves off the top of my head, but then again my brain is fried from a crazy-ass Monday at work. I love your rant, though. And it makes me sad that your IRL family and friends don’t seem to be supportive in the way that would be helpful.

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  13. I had another blog that I used to post on FB. I ended up shutting it down because the only time anyone EVER commented was when they were somehow offended or perhaps saw themselves in what I wrote. People can truly suck at times. So, I hear you. Screw them, you rock.

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  14. Sorry, I’m late to this post. I have given up on FB for anything other than keeping up with just a couple of friends. I find Facebook to be a maze of repeats, drama, ignorance, drama, bitching, did I mention drama? I don’t mean to offend anyone that loves Facebook, but unless you employ the Star-Trek-Enterprise grade shields at full maximum, you will be inundated with massive silliness.
    The people in the blogging world are just a higher caliber for the most part. Facebook is a land of mostly lazy and rude people. That is just my two cents.

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