Monday Musings: What Are Your Blog Reading Requirements? 

I was just talking with a friend about the purpose of reading blogs. She’s a devoted reader of mine and, apparently, I’m the only blogger she reads. She was saying that unless she’s friends with or related to the blog writer, she’s probably not going to spend her time reading their personal stories. I can totally respect that some people have to know the blogger/writer to want to read about their embarrassing encounter with the Porta Potty or their personal preference when it comes to stand mixers. 

I totally get that. 

I’m pretty much the opposite of my friend when it comes to online reading preferences. 

I love reading about someone’s awesome vacation to some exotic locale or reading about how they make a mean enchilada casserole with a recipe they got from their crazy Aunt Marge. 

Maybe that’s totally weird? 

Maybe I’m entirely too interested in complete strangers’ fun family stories or how they studied abroad in Ireland (read about one of my favorite blogger’s experiences doing just that here)?

Whatever it may be, I can definitively say that I’m a devoted blog reader, and I appreciate my committed readers more than words can express.

Throughout the last two years and some odd months, I’ve connected with, gotten to know, and enjoyed reading so many bloggers. 

I love you all. I truly do. We are a tribe, and I’m so fortunate to be a part of it.

Just like my friend, however, I have some requirements that must be met in order for me to spend so much of my time reading blogs. 

These are some of them:

1. You’re a real person who responds to comments and engages with your readers. If you never respond to comments, or it takes you far too long to respond, and I’ve long since forgotten about your post, I will grow weary of dedicating time to read and comment. 

2. Posts are well-written and purposeful. We all make grammatical errors (like that one time I made a massive one in the title of a post *cringe*), but if the mistakes take away from the message, this teacher can’t even. 

3. The topic is one in which I can relate to in some way, shape, or form. This is a pretty straightforward one. If you write about something I can hardly come up with a comment for, then your topic is best left to those who can. There’s nothing wrong with that. I write about back fat, rogue chin hairs, and how I have a tendency to inhale baked goods. Those topics aren’t for everyone, either. 

And, that’s it, really. If you respond to comments I spend time crafting, you don’t have grammatical errors every line, and your posts keep me wanting more, I’m hooked. 

So, I’m curious-what are your blog reading preferences and requirements? Let me know in the comments. 

Author: fattymccupcakes

Just a thirty-something girl trying to love herself the way she is: fat, rolls, cellulite, and fabulousness.

83 thoughts on “Monday Musings: What Are Your Blog Reading Requirements? ”

  1. I do require a blog to be well written. I don’t do a whole lot of commenting generally, so responding to comments is not something I care that much about. If they post more than once a day I am much less likely to follow/read their blog however.

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  2. First & foremost, the blog has to be readable. Clear thoughts, short paragraphs, correct spelling. Then, I’m usually looking for someone who tells a story with a point. A story that reveals a bit about the writer. MOst of the blogs I follow touch on the same topics I write about, so I wind up with a fairly short following list. And yes, I like comment responses — or at least a comment like.

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  3. Giiiiiirrrrrlllll, when I see grammar issues, I’m like, 😬😳😐. I can’t carry on after the third one. My husband just told me he’s seen grammatical errors in four of my blog posts and has never told me and now forgets which ones. That’s just something that has chapped my ass and had to get out. Now, about my requirements, I guess I just like authenticity. I’m pretty down for reading most anything, but if it’s too clinical and spiffed up, I don’t want it. I want the blogger more than I want the subject matter because the blogger makes the subject matter relatable. Does that make sense? I also prefer to laugh because, duh. I write some heavy stuff sometimes and I need a break from it.

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    1. YES! I completely understand what you’re saying about “wanting the blogger” over the subject! That’s where I need to know you’re a relatable human being! I’ve actually stopped reading blogs that were rife with errors. We all make mistakes, but just like I tell my 3RD GRADERS, RE-READ!!!!

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  4. I really appreciate comments and do respond. Good manners, I think. I also try to leave comments on the posts I read although with some of them it’s damn hard. But if they have chosen to follow me. I figure the least I can do is go and have a look at theirs,say thanks and read some of their stuff. There are a few I read regularly because I enjoy their content, have a connection/friendship that has evolved out of blogging. Others, I try and get around to as many of my followers as I can at least once in a while. Blogging for me is about connection, community and relationships. Like you, I really, really appreciate every single person who is part of my blogging community.

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    1. You are spot on. I feel the same obligation to at least check out what they’re writing, but it can be really hard! If it’s something I can’t relate to or it’s poorly written, I just don’t know what to say as a comment! I agree that blogging is about the community. The fabulous and amazingly talented people I’ve met have made this crazy blogging thing worth it.

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      1. I sometimes have to dig deep to find something to comment on – often it’s about the images or header. If there’s an ABout Me page that makes it a bit easier. Surprising how many people don’t have one though, or if they do, it tells you nothing much at all, not even a name. But you’re right, so worth it 🙂

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  5. 1. Yes- if I take the time to write a lengthy comment that someone could clearly and easily respond to and I hear nothing, or when they do finally respond I have no idea which post the notification is from, I’m done.
    2. Repeated grammatical mistakes tell me that you either don’t understand basic grammar or don’t care, neither is appealing to me. I have to say that the exception for me is someone blogging in a secondary language- mistakes happen when you are working a non-native tongue!!
    3. This is exactly it- I have to enjoy the topic!! While I love reading fiction in my books, I do not read fiction/poetry via blogs. It just does not do anything for me! I have a pretty varied roll of blogs I read, but sometimes I fall out of interest with a blog and leave. It’s not that I hate it, it’s that my or your interests may have changed!

    I prefer longer rather than shorter posts, and I need regular posting, even if it’s just once a week. I think that whether we realise it or not, we have a relationship with our readers and we have to work to maintain it like any other relationship!!

    And thank you for the shout out!! 😊😊

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    1. I agree with all you said but especially with your second point. As someone who blog in a second language, it is always a fear of mine that I write too clinically/make spelling mistakes/grammar errors making it uninteresting for the readers. I’m glad some fellow bloggers understand that English is not everyone’s first language!

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      1. Do you speak French?! I guess it’s just a bit of insecurity… I constantly hear comments on my accent or the way I speak so I’m working hard on making my writing natural. And I spell check everything about 3000 times!

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      2. Not necessarily mean, it’s often disguised as jokes… Doesn’t mean it’s not a bit annoying at times! It depends who makes the comment I guess… The worst are the strange looks I sometimes get when I speak a bit too loudly at the shop or the café. People cannot guess what kind of accent it is so it draws attention… The first six months I was here, I barely said a word out in public and always had the boyfriend order for me/make calls for me/etc. I’m getting much more confident now though! 😊

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      3. I think that’s so sad, because I, personally, LOVE hearing different accents. That’s one of my favorite aspects of big cities-the myriad accents you get to hear. Just today, at Costco, I overheard an older couple speaking what sounded like Portuguese. It was awesome! Be proud of your accent!

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    2. I agree about being more understanding with those who are writing in English and it’s not their native language. That takes a huge amount of bravery to put yourself out there like that! And, yes, if the comment comes so late that I have no idea what it’s referring to, I’m really not into commenting anymore 🙄.

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  6. I sometimes search tags that are relevant to my life. That’s how I found anyone in the first place.

    I also read who reads me!

    I really read and continue to read RAW writers. That’s my thing. I have a guilty pleasure for true broken people who are forced to fix themselves.

    I love people like you… who force me to think about the “why”. So thank you 😊

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  7. I seem to find most of the blogs thst I read by the comments left on blogs that I’ve read. I think I’ve convinced myself that if someone likes what I just enjoyed I will like their writing also. Yeah, that doesn’t work all the time but when it does it usually works well.
    Grammatical errors can be tolerated depending on the context. Sometimes it might be a bit of local color sneaking in.
    Spelling errors or blatant wrong word selections (like a correctly spelled word that spell check missed but a simple read through wouldn’t) are inexcusable, but if you’re really good I might give you a second or third chance probably because sometimes I’ve even had to exuse myself a second or third time.
    I don’t comment on every blog I read and I don’t care if every blogger responds to comments but it makes me think twice if I see that a blogger acknowledges every other comment but mine. Then I honestly feel a little hurt though I don’t know why.

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    1. Oh my goodness, yes!! I’ve been utterly ignored by a blogger once and I felt totally butt hurt! That’s when I had to reevaluate why I was spending my time commenting! I agree that some errors can be forgiven. Especially when it’s someone who is not a native English speaker.

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  8. I love reading all sorts of blogs, but I particularly like the ones that are more personal and make me laugh. When it comes to comments, I’m awful at both leaving them and struggle to keep up with replying to them, so this puts people off I know… I love the eclectic ones – a random story about something, well, random will always bring me back for more!

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  9. I think my blog reading habits are all over the place – I like to read about people’s lives, and the crazy things that happen to them, or just the normal things that happen to them. I like bloggers who write in a way that makes it feel like they are actually speaking the words. And sometimes, I follow a blog just to get cute pictures of puppies in my inbox every few days haha

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  10. I read a bit of everything but I mostly like travel blogs or people who blog about real life… Whether it’s funny, sad, adventuruous… I look for authenticity and a bit of realness! I really don’t enjoy lifestyle blogs scremaing ‘I’m just doing it for the money and perks’, that turns me off so much… I really enjoy your blog because I nearly pee my pants everytime I read you! x

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  11. I too, have to disagree with your reader about having to know the blogger. I read personal blogs for the same reason I read fiction. There’s a great big world out there. I want to hear about more than just my little slice of it!
    As to my requirements, those are my big 3 too.

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  12. All of the above! With an incredible wanderlust, of course I love travel blogs, but I’m just as interested in other topics as long as they’re well written, funny (when it’s relevant), and the writer is authentic. I love personal anecdotes and opinion pieces rather than those are purely information driven x

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  13. My preferences are pretty on par with yours. I will admit to a certain positive bias when it comes to blogs that offer recompense (chocolate, vodka, coffee – not necessarily in that order) for reading. However, I keep opening up the mail slot on my computer, and I’ve yet to receive anything… *sigh*

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  14. Yes! I love when others engage with me. If I comment I like when people visit my page and comment too. I sometimes get annoyed with just replies to comments. I like blogs to be funny. Or I like when I can learn from them! 🙂

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  15. I’m a bit of an eccentric…the blogs I follow have to have a real ‘voice’ crop up in my head when I read them. That tells me there’s a real living, breathing human behind the words that actually poured themselves into their post.

    Humor is fantastic, too. If I get a good belly-roll laugh going…oh yea…I’m gonna follow that one.

    The wall-o-text? Total turn off. Anything overly-analytical drives me nuts, too.

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  16. I read a lot of different blogs because I am nosey and like to hear how others live. I, also want blogs that are relatable in some way and not a lot of swearing! That’s a big turn-off. A little is fine, but you can be funny without using foul language.

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      1. HAHA!! That’s good! I’ve not had too many complaints, so I think my swearing is at an acceptable level 😜. I get what you’re saying, though. There’s a way to go about swearing while being funny. It’s a delicate balance. If all it is is swearing, I’m out. Amy Schumer’s movie was like that for me. It was just too much raunch 👎.

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  17. I need a blog to capture me. The post needs to draw me in to want to know more about the author and feel authentic. I love to come away like I know a little bit more about the author after reading the post.

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  18. This kinda broke my heart. I’ve been struggling with keeping up with my blog and with those that I am obsessed with and yours has always been on my top 3- literally!!! For whatever it’s worth- I still totally blog-love ya and I’m making promises to myself and the writing Gods! This post was an eye opener. You are much appreciated.

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  19. “This teacher can’t even” LOL
    I’m also definitely a weirdo about wanting to read about vacations and favorites and all the little details too. It’s interesting to see the person behind the blog for sure. Great post, love this one!

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