WTF Wednesdays #9: I ❤️ Jeff Goldblum 

Guys, deep down, I kinda wanted Jeff Goldblum to see this. I mean, I was his biggest 13-year-old crush, and that’s not creepy at all. So, I’m sharing this wacko homage for Flashback Friday in hopes some kind soul with the key to all-things-viral will make magic happen. I really need this win right now #jeffgoldblumistotallyawin.

You mean, I’m the only girl, in all of history, to have ever had a crush on Jeff Goldblum at the tender age of 13?

Ya’ll missed out. Big time. 

In 1996, the original Independence Day movie came out. Like every other red-blooded American, I saw it in the theater approximately 80 times. Each new time I saw it, I grew more and more infatuated with Jeff Goldblum.

I don’t know what it was. Maybe it was those massive ears. Or, his ginormous nose? Maybe his awkward, bumbling speech. I think it was his brain, to be perfectly honest.


What 13-year-old girl would be into that?

While my friends were losing their proverbial shit over Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Devon Sawa, I was privately panting over a man who was only

I was a really weird kid.

After drooling in my Milk Duds over him on the big screen one too many times, I set about finding other movies he did, so I could pant in private.

It is totally beyond me how I could have researched him without the internet and IMDb. I’m seriously at a loss-how did people research pop culture in the 90s? Someone, help!

Pretty quickly, I realized he was in Jurassic Park. I watched that VHS so many times, I burned up the tape.

I also somehow found out he was in a really weird movie that came out when I was three, called The Fly. The fact he was a human-sized fly didn’t matter, because he was naked in that one. I “lost” The Fly when it was time to return it to Blockbuster. I had to pay the fee, but it was so worth it. 

Because I was not exactly nonchalant about my weird girl-crush-obsession with Jeff Freaking Goldblum, my mom caught on pretty quickly.

She always aimed to raise dorks, because, “Dorks go to school, hang out with their dork friends, don’t do drugs or drink, and never get in trouble.”

My mom couldn’t have been more elated that my first crush was on an intelligent and nerdy-looking man I’d never meet. She was thrilled. (Never mind the fact that he could have been my father. Nope. Not weird at all.)

For Christmas that year, my mom seemed to have a certain gleam in her eye. It was almost devious. I just figured she was pretty stoked about getting me that Discman I wanted.

When it was finally Christmas Day, my mom was practically doing the Fat Clap. Instead of making my brother, because he was small and low to the ground, pass out the presents, my mom was on the carpet, fervently throwing presents to everyone.

She handed me a lumpy, odd shaped one that was definitely not my Discman, to open first.

As I started peeling back paper, she was sitting upright, alert, face aglow.

She seemed extra excited. Was I getting my own phone? A car three years early?? OMG! What could it be?! Her excitement made my mind wander to all sorts of amazing, unrealistic gifts.

When I finally unveiled the Most Exciting Present in the World, I was utterly confused. It was an action figure.

“Mom, I think this is for Jarrett. This is an action figure-thing.”

I flung it over to my brother, who had opened all of his presents in under a minute, so the prospect of an extra gift was everything.

My mom was not discouraged at all by my utter lack of interest in a boys’ toy.

Now, wait a minute. Jarrett, that’s your sister’s. Hand it back.”

Christmas was officially over for my brother.

When I had it back in hand, utterly confused, and quite embarrassed that my mom felt an action figure a proper gift for her 13-year-old daughter, my mom said,

“But…lookie who it is. Who is it?”

It was then that I really looked, for the first time, at the toy.

She bought me a freaking Jeff Goldblum Independence Day action figure.


“But, isn’t he so cute? You can put him on your nightstand!”

And then she winked at me.

Hubba, hubba!

Author: fattymccupcakes

Just a thirty-something girl trying to love herself the way she is: fat, rolls, cellulite, and fabulousness.

80 thoughts on “WTF Wednesdays #9: I ❤️ Jeff Goldblum ”

  1. As soon as I started reading I was thinking “What about The Fly?!?!” I thought I was the only one who thought he was hot in that – and I saw it at the theater with my then-boyfriend who I thought looked a bit like him! Double win! (Obviously you and I are quite a bit apart in age.)

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  2. So my teenage crush was Michael Biehn circa Aliens. And then I had to watch everything else he did.
    It’s the reason I liked him that would interest psychologists.
    In Aliens, Sigourney Weaver says she doesn’t want to die with one of those things popping out of her chest and Michael says….”If it comes to that, I’ll do us both.” Swoon.

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  3. I remember Jeff Goldblum from Earth Girls are Easy. If you want the most bizarre, goofy, over-the-top weird movie from the 80’s staring Goldblum…this is it.

    He plays a big, blue, fuzzy alien whom the ladies in the film shave down so he looks more ‘normal,’ so he can repair his ship and get back into space. You should go dig that one out…

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  4. I think you may be a year older than me! (Super happy to find other bloggers my age.) Anyways, I’m just like you girl. Always been into older men while the other girls were panting over our teenage contemporaries. And I’ve always lusted after this gorgeous man. The Fly, Jurassic Park, Independence Day. Ooh-wee, mama. Recently began rewatching Friends and the episode he’s in had me cracking up. But to name a few more of my favorite older men… Gary Oldman (my absolute favorite), Anthony Hopkins, Kevin Spacey and Colin Firth. *fans self*

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  5. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I had a raging crush on Jeff Goldblum (still do, in fact, so Jeff! If you’re reading! call me!) Husband, by the way, was and is 100% okay with this. He figured that if Jeff Goldblum got my engine revving then his own nerdy self plus proximity had a shot. (He was not wrong.)

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  6. Bahaha I snort-laughed at the end punch line!! Your mom was devious, alright 😉

    I love that you had a crush on Jeff Goldblum! Please don’t reach your hand through the Interwebz and slap me, but I didn’t know who he was, lol!

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  7. Haha omg… how did I miss this post? and also… JTT and Devon Sawa… SWOON! You really were a weird kids!! LOL. Also to answer your question about pre-internet IMdb : They used to release yearly big ole fat books that had ever movie ever in it, you could search movies to see what it’s about, when it’s made, and who was in it… then there was another list of actors that listed every movie they’d been in… My dad used to get a new one with each update and keep it on our coffee table. We used that thing all the freaking time!!

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  8. Jurassic Park was the bomb, and I defy anyone who disagrees to say it to my face. I was more of an Attenborough fan, but I was also convinced by my siblings that JP would happen to me and I still belief that Attenborough could bring me out alive. Those POP figurines do NOT compare to the old action figures!!!

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  9. You know your mum thought that “Dorks go to school, hang out with their dork friends, don’t do drugs or drink, and never get in trouble.” Did that work out? I always thought dorks were just really good at getting away with the naughty drinks/sex/possibly drugs because no-one expects them to do it(!)

    Not that I was ever naughty *shines her halo* …ehem.

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  10. There are so many things I love about this post (and you)! Is Jeff Goldblum on Twitter?! Let’s get this trending– Ok, just checked. He’s not. BUT there is a fake Jeff Goldblum, so you could at least follow that for a daily dose of him. 😉

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  11. Greatest post!! Nerds are the best!!! Don’t feel too bad about Jeff’s age …. I’ve had a crush on Harrison Ford since I was about 15. I don’t care if it was the Han Solo era, Indiana Jones (which was the best), or now, even though he’s so freaking old. He’ll always be a hotty pants macho man!!

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    1. Mmmmmm! I also had a huge crush on Harrison Ford. There was also the Tom Cruise era and the time of Mel Gibson. Mind you, these dudes were way too old to play my love interest in my make-believe LaLaLand. So, they always played my dad 😂😂😂

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  12. OK. So I live in New York City, where just about everybody has randm access to celebrities. I mean, you don’t have to do anything special to see them pretty much everywhere, walking on the sidewalk, buying a newspaper, whatever. But I was once at a Museum of Natural History Thing where I got to see Jeff G up close and personal. He was actually helping kids make volcanoes out of Baking soda and whatnot. And people, he was (and is) gorgeous. Tall, handsome, the whole non-disappointing nine yards. Sigh.

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