I’m just trying to find the balance between eating all the cupcakes and not getting any fatter. That is all.

My “About” page is currently sucking a big fat one. While I work on making this space more appealing, check out my posts (that is where the real party is). If you see something you like, and I happen to make you chuckle, you could also head over to the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards page and vote for me for Funniest Blogger. I probably don’t have a chance in hell, but the fact that I am listed as a nominee among such heavy hitters isΒ incredible. Thank you to the amazing humans who nominated me!


Contact: fattymccupcakes32@hotmail.com

76 thoughts on “About”

  1. I think I just found my kindred – I’ve only just discovered your blog through Ask Aunty Cath but I’m loving it. My kinda humour and best thing that’s happened to me this past shitty week! #redundancysucksarse #funnyblogchicksrock

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  2. Hey you… Back from Holidays and catching up lots πŸ™‚ Glad you enjoyed the King Arthur post loved some of your recent ones – Just FYI if you want to I have nominated you for The Creative Blogger Award! It is basically a community thing where you share 5 facts about yourself to your audience so we get to know you just a little bit better. Up to you but as you know I love your posts – so felt it was appropriate

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  3. I feel like everyone is trying to balance on that scale, even the skinny people that order salads when you take them out to dinner. God dangit, we know you silently sit at home some nights watching Netflix and eating junk food! Don’t try to counter it with this lettuce, embrace who you are!

    I’m glad someone like you is able to walk out and be like, “Yea one day I’ll find a way to eat my fill in cupcakes but gain no weight doing so. I’m just that awesome.”

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  4. Uh, I’d say you’re already 80% of the way there just if you gather these posts up… I’d read it. As I said on a different reply, the open, honest style is daring, and the humor makes it endearing – so it’s great reading. It reads like a book already, most of these.

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  5. Please, please when you find out the answer to the question posed in your About please, for all that is sacred, let me know. I saw you over at Jackie’s Brunch and wanted to swing by to say hello and to check out your blog. It’s great to meet you!! Steph

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  6. please let me know the secret if you find it. this place looks like fun. i think i found you from soul gifts or giggling fattie or jaquie…or someone in that circle. good to find you. πŸ™‚

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