Rant #4,352

What is blogging? I mean, seriously? What is it? I want someone to tell me. Someone of blogging authority (is there someone out there who could claim that title?) please stand up and enlighten me. 

When I first began blogging years ago, it was not the thing to do. Not everyone and their brother did it, and thus, no one outside of my Facebook friends list knew I even existed. This was OK. I actually just wanted to write. It worked.

Now, in this land of “LOOK AT ME”, blogging seems to be just another outlet for people who want to make a poorly constructed status update about what they ate for breakfast. Your bagel sandwich was beautifully photographed, but what kind of art are you trying to make? What are you trying to say? If it’s that you eat the most important meal of the day, I hate to break it to you, but you’re not the only who does that. Also, everyone photographs their food, so…

One of my main promises to myself, before I began blogging again, was that I wouldn’t get too hung up on the “likes”. I only wanted this blog to be about my passion: writing. I didn’t want to be a “like whore”. I have completely done the opposite. 

I’ve taken a brief hiatus due to this and my subsequent lack of inspiration. 

I read and follow so many beautiful, funny, and thought-provoking blogs that get maybe 5 likes, because one has to take the time out to actually read it. I know, in this instant-gratification-world, that’s A LOT to ask. Most people want a meme and a quick, poorly syntactically put-together blurb and it’s time to wipe. 

We all like funny memes, and quick, witty blurbs, I am the most guilty of this, but I look for those quick laughs on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

We also all like to feel “liked”, looked up to, and admired, but does the high you feel when you get likes on your blog post outshine real-life accomplishments or recognition?  Does it mean more? If it does, what does that mean? I feel good when people like my posts because it makes me wonder if what I’m putting out there means something to someone else. It’s like putting feelers out there for fellow life. But. But, sometimes I feel that attention-whore part of me start creeping. She starts creeping. 

Is it all for the “likes”? Do you blog because you have natural talent? Do you do it for the attention? Why?


When I log onto WordPress, I want something to read. I want some meat. Some grit. I also want to write something meaningful to me. Something I spent time on. Something I mulled over. Something I spell-checked, because it was that important. 

Among all of the MEH out there is actual talent. I am glad that I have found some of these people and their blog posts that I devour like fluffy white cupcakes. They are so good. 

This world is getting more stupid by the second and part of my proof is the current world of online writing-blogging. It has become flooded with Facebook status updates and Instagram posts. Very, very few people on WordPress actually write and take the time to edit and revise. 

As a teacher, writer, and some-what intelligent person, I’m ashamed and scared of the world we are creating. 

End rant.